Article Index: P-Cards (part 2)

  1. Virtual Card Payments, Very Real Benefits
  2. Court Settlement Lifts Ban on Card Surcharges
  3. Virtual P-Card Growth Outpacing Plastic
  4. New York Card Surcharge Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
  5. Survey Confirms that Reducing Processing Costs Is Key Benefit
  6. 10 Top Ideas to Improve Your P-Card Program
  7. AP P-Card Generate Revenue Sharing at the University of Louisville
  8. P-cards and Capex—A Good Deal
  9. Seven Controls AP Can Put in Place to Limit P-Card Misuse
  10. P-Card Misuse: How Bad Is It? And How Can It Be Prevented?
  11. 20 Proven P-Card Practices
  12. How to Drive P-Card Growth
  13. Card Payments Turn AP into a Profit Center
  14. How to Prevent P-Card Fraud
  15. Pros and Cons of a One-Card Solution
  16. Technology an Enabler in Commercial Card Market
  17. Case Study: Using Purchasing Cards for Large-Dollar Purchases
  18. Commercial Card Market: An Overview
  19. Case Study: Purchasing Cards Receive an “A” in School-based Program
  20. Avoiding the Purchasing Card Pitfalls
  21. Guide to Purchasing Card Implementation
  22. Best Practices for Purchasing Card Programs
  23. Reducing Paper Invoices with Ghost Cards
  24. Purchasing Card Trends and Issues
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