Article Index: P-Cards (part 1)

  1. Potential Issues with Grant-Funded Commercial Card Spend
  2. How to Harness the Power of People When Introducing (or Growing) a P-Card or Commercial Card Program
  3. 2012 ‘Swipe’ Fee Settlement Overturned—What Are the Implications?
  4. Growing Successful P-Card Programs at the City of Tacoma
  5. Tips for Weeding Paper Checks out of the P2P Process with P-Cards
  6. Where Is Your P-Card Program Housed?
  7. AP Must Have a Seat at the Table During P-Card Implementations
  8. P-cards: EMV and the October 2015 ‘Liability Shift’
  9. Case Study: P-Cards in Action
  10. Purchasing Card (P-card) Benefits and Tips for Success
  11. Nine Ways to Leverage AP’s Role in the Purchasing Card Program
  12. Should Cardholders Be Required to Sign P-Card Agreements?
  13. How to Assess the Online Software Tool Provided By Card Issuers
  14. P-Cards—Real & Perceived Risks Require Real Attention
  15. Do You Know How Much It Costs to Process a P-Card Transaction?
  16. P-Cards Aid Vendor Reduction
  17. Busting the P-card Myth
  18. Ten Tips to Help You Reap the ‘Revenue Sharing’ Benefits of P-Cards
  19. Reduce the Time Required to Download and Distribute P-Card Transactions
  20. Integrating P-cards into the Procure-to-Pay Process
  21. How to Tighten Control of Your P-Card Program
  22. Optimizing P-Card Program Revenue Sharing Incentives
  23. Could the CARD Act impact Your Business?
  24. Clearing Common P-card Hurdles
  25. Keep Card Programs Aligned with Goals
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