Article Index: Fraud (part 2)

  1. Fraud Analysis Software and Services
  2. Web Site Offers Fake Receipts
  3. Fraud and the White Collar Bandit
  4. “Honest and Loyal” Employee Robs Company Blind
  5. Fight ACH Fraud
  6. Use Cross-Functional Collaboration to Take a Bite Out of Fraud
  7. Positive Pay Variations and Alternatives
  8. Payments Fraud: What You Can Do; What Banks Can Do
  9. How to Spot a T&E Fraudster
  10. What Can Banks Do to Protect Your Company From “Phishing” Expeditions?
  11. Fraud Schemes and Stories
  12. Preventing AP Fraud
  13. Is There a Gambler in Your Midst?
  14. Is Your Password 1234?
  15. Positive Pay and Other Defenses Against Check Fraud
  16. Electronic Payments Stop Check Fraud—But They Don’t Stop Fraud
  17. Beware of Service Sweethearting
  18. Fraud Prevention: The Cure for Schaden-Fraud
  19. Positive Pay: Costs, Tools
  20. Technology – A Double Edged Sword
  21. Not All Accounting Scandals Make Headlines & Beware Of Employee Frauds
  22. CSI with Numbers
  23. Computer Analysis Can Highlight Possible Fraud
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