Article Index: Fraud (part 1)

  1. Why Segregation of Duties?
  2. 10 Ways AP Managers Can Prevent Corruption and Fraud
  3. Keep Fraudsters at Bay By Tightening Up Your Controls
  4. Smart Ways Keep Your Eagle Eye on Payments
  5. Women Achieve Parity with Men – But Not in a Good Way
  6. After the Fraud
  7. An Unlikely Fraudster Might Be Operating Right Under Your Nose
  8. Focus on the Basics to Build Good AP Practices
  9. Technology Is a Bonus for Payment Fraudsters
  10. Beware the Warning Signs of Fraud
  11. Fraud Perpetrators
  12. Your AP Employees May Be ‘Jailbreaking’ Without Your Knowledge
  13. Don’t Ignore the Red Flags Fraud Schemes Wave
  14. Summary of Check and Electronic Fraud Prevention Steps
  15. As Fraud Proliferates, Internal Controls Become a Priority
  16. Mobile Phone Technology: Don’t Ignore the Potential Dangers of a Data Breach
  17. An Embezzler in Your Midst: What to Do if You Suspect Fraud
  18. Data Protection a Top Priority as Mobile Devices Proliferate
  19. Checks Are Chicken Feed: Fraudsters Now Want Your Whole Bank Account!
  20. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: What is a ‘Foreign Official?’
  21. Eight Ways to Safeguard Your Vendor Data
  22. Forensic Accountants: When Fraud is Too Big for an Auditor
  23. Payment Fraud Continues to Decline
  24. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977: What it Means for AP
  25. Three Strategies to Combat Threats to AP from Mobile Tech
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