Article Index: AP & P2P Automation (part 2)

  1. Automating Expense Management
  2. Mohawk Industries Says Goodbye to More Than 400,000 Paper Invoices
  3. JohnsonDiversey Uses Invoice Imaging to Keep Control and Avoid Outsourcing
  4. Highmark’s Electronic Billing Solution Processes $8 Billion in Invoices Annually
  5. Processing Expense Reports Electronically
  6. Program at Quad Knopf Reduces T&E Errors
  7. Harris Bank Uses E-Invoicing to Corral Decentralized, non-PO Invoices
  8. EDI: Challenges and Opportunities
  9. Burlington Northern RR Achieves the Ultimate: 100% Paperless AP
  10. UMB Bank NA Employs Benchmarking to Set the Stage for AP Automation
  11. Electronic Data Interchange: A Primer
  12. AIT Worldwide Implements OCR and Imaging to Streamline Invoice Processing
  13. The Power of Real-Time Visibility Provided by Automated Systems
  14. Small Steps Can Clear the Way for Automation Projects
  15. Once Skeptical, Smaller Organizations Now Exploring the Automation Universe
  16. Document Management: Small Businesses Now Have Access, Too
  17. What Makes a Document Management Implementation Successful?
  18. Avoid ‘Scope-Creep’ and Unrealistic Expectations
  19. Five Reasons AP Automation Implementations Sometimes Fall Short
  20. Coping With the 5 Top Problems of a New Imaging System
  21. Virginia Commonwealth University Becomes Lean & Green Through E-Invoicing
  22. Time Warner Cable’s ‘Big Bang’ Approach to Becoming ‘Touchless’
  23. Don’t Base Your Automation Proposal on Dirty Data and Sloppy Processes
  24. How to Prepare and Sell Your E-Invoicing Business Case to the C-Suite
  25. 25 Best Practices for Planning an AP Automation Project
  26. Vendor Portals: Helping Vendors, Helping AP
  27. Automating Accounts Payable on a Budget
  28. Accounts Payable? There’s an APP for That
  29. Is E-Signature Software Part of Your Automation Plan?
  30. E-Invoicing and Scanning: The Right Mix
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