Article Index: AP & P2P Automation (part 1)

  1. Robotic Process Automation in AP—How Close to Reality?
  2. Multiple Systems Can Complicate AP Processes
  3. 12 Factors that Make or Break the Value of Invoice Processing Automation
  4. AP and IT—Challenges and Solutions on Both Sides of the Aisle
  5. Automation Case Study: Becoming Touchless Is Priceless
  6. Move to OCR Helps AP at Netflix Reap Big Benefits
  7. Is There a “Robot” in Your AP or AR Department’s Future? New Technology to Keep an Eye On
  8. The Six Building Blocks of AP Optimization
  9. Managing the ‘People Side’ of an AP Automation Project
  10. How to Create the Right Business Case for Your Automation Project
  11. Tracking Results from an Automation Project
  12. Mobile Technology and AP: Managing Payments on the Move
  13. Five Ways to Become an ‘Automation Frontrunner’
  14. Automating AP: That ‘Reduced Headcount’ Represents Real People
  15. Working With Providers: How to Pick Your Perfect Business Partner
  16. Set the Stage for Successful AP Automation
  17. Training Can Make or Break Your Automation Implementation
  18. Costly E-Invoicing Solutions Out of Your Reach? It’s Okay to Start Small
  19. AP Can Now Approve and Route Electronic Invoices Via Smartphone
  20. Which Way to Go? Imaging or E-Invoicing?
  21. Your Provider Demo Can Make or Break an Automation Implementation
  22. All Aboard the AP Automation Train in 2013!
  23. Tips for a Successful Automation Project in AP
  24. Ramp Up Reporting by Using an Automated Reporting System
  25. Sun Microsystems: E-invoicing as the Answer to High Growth
  26. Out With the Old System, In With the New
  27. Samaritan’s Purse Improves Processing with Workflow
  28. Automating the Close: Beyond Checklists
  29. Payless ShoeSource and the Secrets of Vendor Adoption
  30. Northeast Utilities Tackles OCR
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