Article Index: AP Accounting and Financial Audit

  1. AP Accounting
    1. AP Customer Service Tips
    2. Tips for Acing a Payment Recovery Audit
    3. Documentation and Auditing Challenges: Invoice-less Payments
    4. Ensuring a Perfect Match between RMAs and POs
    5. Should AP Allow Credits to Be Offset to Open Invoices?
    6. Has Your Budget Process Outgrown the Spreadsheet?
    7. Account Verification: Be Careful What You Report
    8. How to Foil Audit Confirmation Fraud
    9. Five Signs Your Accounting Systems Are Out of Date
    10. Who Prepares Journal Entries at Your Organization?
    11. 12 Ways Accounts Payable Can Ease Your Company’s Cash Flow Woes
    12. DPO Measures the Efficient Use of Working Capital
    13. Are You Using the Best Method for Mileage Reimbursement?
    14. How AP Can Avoid Getting a Black Eye From the Auditors
    15. How Does AP Fit Into the Cash Flow Picture?
    16. Set Ground Rules When Undertaking a Post Audit
    17. Understanding Cash Management: Why it Is Important to AP Professionals
    18. Take Advantage of AP-Related Services at Your Bank
    19. Are You Being Audited by the IRS?
  2. Financial Audit
    1. An Audit Preparedness Primer
    2. What Role Does Internal Audit Play in Assessing Strategic Risk?
    3. Being Prepared Is the Proven Way to Survive an AP Audit
    4. Set a Policy to Foil Audit Confirmation Fraud
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