I need some information concerning third party utility payment processing ...


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Are there any benchmarks? Average cost? Recommendations?


I conferred with our practitioner expert, Judy Bicking, on this one. She indicated she had used such a vendor when at Johnson & Johnson, but that one had been acquired. She did find this provider: http://www.cassinfo.com/, although we have no experience with them and cannot make any kind of recommendation one way or the other.

She says, "What drew me to this type of processor was not only did they have a way to automate and ensure the invoices were paid on time so there were no outages, but the big advantage was their ideas on how we could save money with their energy saving recommendations. That was a huge benefit."

Capterra also publishes a list of these providers, but again, we can't make recommendations: http://www.capterra.com/utility-billing-software/. You may want to consider posting your question on our user forums to see what other members have to say.

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