An employee has a company vehicle ...


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The employee is asking for a ligament reimbursement for car problems and towing for the car. Battery and towing charges. On the receipt, there is a form for a Visa rebate of $25, which the employee completed. So my question is, should the reimbursement be less $25.00? Otherwise, we would be reimbursing the individual for the total of the car repairs and the individual is getting a $25 rebate. Thoughts on this issue?


We contacted Judy Bicking, our practitioner expert, and this is her reply:

"I definitely would pay less the $25.00 rebate. The employee should not be able to make money for this type of expense. As an example, some companies don't allow employees to make mileage or points when they use a corporate card for business travel; instead, the business gets the rebate. It's a tough policy, but it is at the company's discretion."

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