I have read thru some of the articles and discussions on VMF governance, but am interested in more details/specifics ...


Q. (con't.) What is the best method for get very detailed information (training, perhaps certification), in both the U.S. and internationally? In particular, W-8 1042 requirements, foreign barred entity lists, U.S. state requirements, methods for duplication checks, fraud detection, SOX controls, and payment requirements (e.g., to foreign companies with operations in the U.S., to U.S. companies with operations overseas, etc.).

A. I would suggest obtaining an AP certification, since it covers the vendor master file, compliance and internal controls. Also check for our upcoming and “on-demand” webcasts, which delve into these topics individually. A list is available here: https://www.theaccountspayablenetwork.com/events/compliance-webinars/. IOFM has also just launched local chapter meetings. I’d suggest looking into one of those as well here: http://www.iofm.com/chapters/.

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